16 Apr 2014

Are you succeeding or failing…you may be surprised

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Are-you-succeeding-or-failing-300x189I was really pondering success the other day after someone was filling my inbox with emails on their definition of success. What really got me searching my soul was that their definition was soooooooooo different than mine. They even tried to tempt me into following their “Pathway to Success”. So in their mind success is obtaining a lot of money and buying a lot things with that money. I will say that is success if that is what your aiming for, but if it isnt what you are aiming for, then it is utter failure.

Webster’s defines success as the consequence or result of ANY endeavor or undertaking whether good or bad. So, you can aim to rob a bank and end up in jail and be successful at it. You can aim to drink a lot and become an alcoholic and be successful at it.

The real question is…what have you set your sights on? If you set your sights on making a lot of money then people, principals, standards and more take a back seat and you will violate people, principals standards and more to get money. Unfortunately you will not even see the wreckage in your rear view mirror because your focus will be on money.

Don’t buy everyone’s definition of success. Just because someone tells you it is good doesnt mean it is good. So the question is What are you succeeding at

right now? Are you honest, loving, and generous. Are you makinmg the lives of those around you better or are you regularly taking from them rather than making deposits? I challenge you today… Ask your friends and family what they see you are aiming at for success….your eyes will be enlightened…if you

are willing to listen

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